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Playing the spoons may seem a crazy thing to do, but everyone loves to see and hear it!

And it's not a joke - you can easily learn to provide a true professional-standard percussion accompaniment to every tune.

If you think you have rhythm - you can do it!
If you can tap your foot to a tune - you can certainly do it!
If you like to make people smile - you should absolutely do it!

palying the spoons
Who am I to tell you this? Just an ordinary guy who decided, many years ago, that I didn’t want to be quite so ordinary – and when I saw a spoons-player on TV, I decided that it was crazy enough for me. I watched carefully, and mastered many of the moves he made.

Then I read that a TV show wanted spoons players, so I went for an interview and with some others was invited to appear on the show. It was a great success and we were called back to appear again two weeks later. Since that time, many years ago, I have had the great pleasure of entertaining large and small groups of people, as a completely separate activity from my working life.

Over the years, playing the spoons has enriched my life, because after almost every performance - or for dozens, or even hundreds, of strangers, I've been approached by men, women and children wanting to say "Well done!" - and, perhaps, to learn it themselves.

When I played banjo with a Dixieland Jazz Band, we usually included one tune to which I played the spoons. I was a decent banjo player, and I would have loved someone to come to me after the concert and say, "I enjoyed your banjo playing!"

But what happened?

Almost everyone who came to speak to me after the concert said, "Loved the spoons - could I learn to do it?"

Disappointing in one way, but it showed me just what pleasure the spoons can bring. It's fun; it's music (yes, really!); and it's great entertainment.

And everyone smiles! I mention this, because it's an amazing thing - no one can listen to, or talk about, spoons-playing with a straight face.

Play the spoons

If you want to entertain family and friends, and would like to change strangers into happy acquaintances

Make friends fast
I've been on a couple of cruises, and there is often a passenger talent show, in which I usually take part. The next day, it's always the same – my exercise walk round the deck is regularly halted by people coming up to me and telling me how much they enjoyed my performance (always smiling as they tell me this).

We sometimes ended up as friends for the rest of the cruise - and these are the same people I had walked past, without acknowledgement, day after day, on my regular morning stroll.

That's just one of the ways being a 'performer' enhanced my life,
and it happens whenever I play.

Great entertainment for all ages
I recently played at a musical evening for two hundred 16-20 year-olds and, at my final flourish, the applause was deafening, and I was immediately invited back to play at the next event.

And there is almost always someone who really wants to study my techniques
- I'm always happy to oblige and give a few lessons.

Spread the word
On one holiday, at a natural healing centre, I was asked, after a short performance, to hold a regular class for a group of interested members.

So, while the professional teachers were demonstrating Shiatsu, and Meditation, and Yoga, there was I, teaching people how to play the spoons…
…and (no surprise to me) - my class had the biggest smiles!

Play the spoons

It could be you doing this
- bringing pleasure to family, friends, acquaintances, and to complete strangers - who don't
stay strangers for long.

A great ice-breaker
I went to a small tea-party to celebrate the birthday of a friend's grandson.
The conversation was all family stuff, and I was completely out of it - almost ignored! Then the cake was brought in and accompanied the singing "Happy Birthday", I picked up a couple of spoons and accompanied the singing.

Immediately - but immediately - everyone was smiling at me and drew me into their conversation, asking about how they could learn to play, and so on. Suddenly, I was part of the party!
Have you ever felt 'out of it'? You won't any more!

Yet it's all so easy! You can quickly learn how to hold the spoons
and to carry out the clever strokes and 'drags'
- all fully explained and detailed – and, with a little practice,
you’ll be on your way to providing professional-standard
accompaniments to live or recorded music.

So now I say to you


I've put together an e-book with instructions which start from the very first step - how to hold the spoons - and then go on to describe and explain all the techniques I have learned, and all the special strokes I developed myself.

There are also some video clips so that you can see what I do and how I do it, starting from the simplest single time-keeping tap to complex and interesting rhythms, with all the hand movements and flourishes, including the "full-arm drag-stroke".

Perhaps you have already studied a musical instrument - and reached a certain standard, but lack the confidence to play solo to an audience. That's how I am with the banjo - I can play in a group quite happily, but don't feel I am accomplished enough to play on my own...

...but I'll stand up and play the spoons at the drop of a hat, because I know I am doing something few people do, and I know that I do it well.

It can be the same for you - you'll be confident to stand up and play because, with a little application, you will be the best spoons player most people in your audience have ever seen.

play the spoons

Don't miss this opportunity to acquire an unusual and admired capability - but only if you're ready to wear a big smile most of the time - because that's what will happen!

Scroll down to access the free lessons I'm offering - you'll quickly learn how to hold the spoons and, after practicing the first rhythm taps, you will be able to demonstrate your newly-developed ability to your friends - their smiles will be the first of many.

If you prefer, you could send for the complete course of detailed easy-to-follow written instructions and explanations. You'll also be able to see spoons-playing in action in the video clip. Watch, listen, read, practice a little, and - "Congratulations - you're a star!"
The full course costs ten dollars - a tiny price to pay for a lifetime of pleasure - I know it can be a lifetime because I learned to play in 1968 (I appeared twice on TV that year) and my last performance was just a few weeks ago - forty years of fun and pleasure for the price of a few cups of coffee!.

If you'd like to experience the pleasures of entertaining audiences - large or small - and to enjoy the thrill of acknowledging applause and congratulations, you can try out the first lessons -FREE - with no obligation - just complete the Request Form below, and the lessons will be immediately available.

Or - if you just can't wait - perhaps there's a social event coming up shortly at which you'd like to perform - send for the full course, and for just a few dollars you'll soon be performing the many different 'drags', moves and flourishes which will give your playing a professional touch.

You could be demonstrating a new talent in just a couple of weeks.

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Eric Silverstone

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Help someone develop the confidence gained by performing in front of people - and really entertaining them. Playing the spoons is great for that person you know, who always likes to do something different and to exhibit a new skill.